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The pearl-white synthetic SERIES 1P1G number 3

Round brush from pearl-white synthetic.

The delivery to any point of the world. Money back guarantee.



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Round brush from pearl-white synthetic is a perfect tool for many classical painting techniques. Cone-shaped brush head holds a needle-sharp point and lets you paint continuous fine lines, as well as broad thick strokes. Balanced long glossy handle allows you to work on vertically arranged canvas keeping the hand at a distance. White color of synthetic makes it easy to control color tone, which is of primary importance in terms of coloristics. New high-quality synthetic possess great strength and spring, what is appreciated in impasto technique

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1-200 gr. 7 euro
201-1000 gr 15 euro
1001 gr - 2000 gr 25 euro
2001 gr - 3999 gr 35 euro
4000 gr - 5999 gr 55 euro
6000 gr - 7999 gr 65 gr etc.

Item location:Russian Federation

Ships to:Worldwide

We ship within 3 days afterreceiving cleared payment.The way takes about 14-25 days (it depends from your country).We use Russian Post Service but you can order the delivery by courier service.

Kolomenskaya Versta guarantees: refund your money if you do not receive your item received damaged item, received a wrong item you ordered:;


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