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We works since 2007 in more than 42 countries, the delivery to any point of the world

Money Back Guarantee

  • Kolomenskaya Versta Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the item they ordered or get their money back.
  • Buyers can use the Money Back Guarantee when:
  • They don't receive an item
  • They receive an item that doesn't match the listing description

The delivery

  • to any country of the world
  • the cost depends from the weight of your order (see pages of the items)
  • by Russian Post Service (tracking)

The payments

  • we accept the PayPal, Bank's transfer, Western Union

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Customer Reviews:

Mary Veltrop (USA)5

High quality and great service.Very helpful. The best!

I just received my books and i am so happy!!!! The books travelled all the way fom Russia to Greece!! Thank you guys!!!

Mercedes Gutierrez(Argentina)

Hermoso libro !!! Quien quiere ? YO QUIERO !!! jaja Thank you very much

Stewart+Carol Henderson (UK)
Dear Elena
Thank you for your very prompt response - and the parcel was delivered this morning, in perfect order, so I am delighted! I have just been sending details ofVersta-k.ruto some fellow iconographers in the UK, together with a warm recommendation.

Deborah Rawlings (USA)

Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for sending thebooksto fulfill my order so quickly. Thank you, too, for the littlebook"Russian Icon Painting." What a beautiful surprise!

God bless you and your work.

Diane Levy (USA)

Dear Elena,
The book just arrived! I will study it closely and use some for practice. I wish I had this when I did the Holy Trinity icon. I would be very interested in more books like this that help me technically. Do you have any suggestions? Clothing is the most challenging for me. We in America are very interested in learning and the opportunities are few.

Emory Gonzales (USA)

Thebookson Iconographer Nun Juliana and on the Ferapontov Frescoes were delivered yesterday
andarrivedin very good condition. Thebooksare beautiful! Thank you.

gracias pinto iconos soy autodidacta aquí en Venezuela no hay escuelas , ni talleres esta es una manera que me ayuda , gracias DIOS LES PAGUE